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Let Justice Roll Down is a moving, multimedia journey toward openness, understanding, and a path toward dismantling racism through understanding white supremacy and privilege. 


"If we are not sure of the brilliant new steps we need to make for change, then we must build on what we know. Rumi said, "Walk and the way shall appear." We must cultivate conversations and contact. We must recognize the humanity in every story. We must talk with our relatives until Thanksgiving becomes less awkward. Our avoidance of emotional and political conversations has left us with a fragility that must go. It is the comfort that has kept us from talking about the issues that matter for too long. There is good work being done out there in the world and we as fellow humans and as a church must tap into that community and bolster the support for change.

We can do this because we must do this." 

– Anna Colwell, Plymouth Church Seattle Youth Forum Director