Words by Stephen Marshall-Ward, with contributors; Music by Stephen Marshall-Ward and Michael Austin Miller


"They aren’t just clapping because of your performance.

They are clapping because you were bold enough to say those things." 

- Audience Member


In April of 2017, Plymouth Church’s Youth Forum went on a life-changing trip, retracing the actual steps of the American Civil Rights Movement. Upon their return, the 10 high school aged youth and their leaders compiled their experiences into a book, Our Faith Journey through the American Civil Rights Movement

Kyrie – A Call to Dismantle White Supremacy/Privilege is a new 20-minute work by Dr. Stephen Marshall-Ward and Michael Austin Miller, featuring selected texts from the Plymouth Youth Forum's book, with significant contributions from local civil rights leaders. Taking us through the first steps of understanding, this new work shows us what we can do to begin the process toward personally dismantling white privilege, supremacy, and racism.

On Sunday, February 11th, 2018 – Duo Organists Wanda Griffiths & Stephen Marshall-Ward with reSound, a Northwest Chamber Ensemble, Mary Walters, Cello, Kyle Erickson, Trumpet, Ian Alvarez, Percussion premiered this incredible work.


"Thank you to the wonderfully supportive staff of Plymouth Church, specifically Rev. Kelle Brown and Dr. Wanda Griffiths, for all the support and encouragement to put this together; the congregations of Plymouth Church and All Pilgrims Christian Church for initiating the training programs that strongly inspired this entire process and stepping up in many ways to help with production details; these and many people behind the scenes including the ISCA Board, members of reSound, a Northwest Chamber Ensemble and Steve Clagett, Chair of UCC Justice & Witness Dismantling Racism Team. The KYRIE has been a significant community effort. While Michael Austin Miller and I wrote the music together, many people contributed to the texts. A relatively new student of this subject matter, I heavily relied on the experience, knowledge and wisdom of others, across racial lines, to teach me and help put together a text introducing steps one can take to commence the process of openness, understanding and self-awareness: members of the ISCA Board, Staff of Plymouth Church and the UCC Justice & Witness Dismantling Racism Team have all helped bring perspective and understanding. With extreme gratitude, I mention individuals who have been specifically helpful with the texts use in the KYRIE: Rev. Kelle Brown, Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Dr. Wanda Griffiths, Diane Schmitz, Anna Colwell, Katie Stultz, Kevin Bechtold, Re. Greg Turk, Rev. Elizabeth Rawlings, Kathy Dawson, and Savanna Williams." 

– Dr. Stephen Marshall-Ward